What is Centcount Analytics

    Centcount Analytics is a free open-source web analytics software. Developed by PHP + MySQL + Redis, Can be easily deployed on your own server, 100% data ownership. Data accuracy is the biggest feature of CA system. Centcount Analytics collects & analyzes visitor's data as many as possible, so as to provide a very accurate statistical data for the site administrator, and to dig potential value.


  • Project: Open-source, self-deployment, 100% data ownership for data security & privacy.

  • Performance: Centcount Analytics is FAST! A lower-configured VPS can handle 1 million PV per day easily.

  • Rich Reports: Centcount Analytics offers 37 fixed reports.

  • Heatmap: A new & direct way to show the visitor's actions on your page!

  • Custom Report: Play data in any possible ways. Multi-Dimension, Multi-Condition, Multi-Metric. Return data by group and order. Get the data what you want without any limitation.

Development History

In past 3 years, I rewrote Centcount Analytics 3 times for high performance. Finally, Centcount Analytics 1.00 is coming now! Light, Stable, Powerful, High Performance... 

  • 1st Edition:  No queue, no cache, develped by PHP + MySQL, single-process, Computing was mixed with data storage.  Can not handle high-concurrence request.  Lower performance.

  • 2nd Edition:  Request queue + part of data cache, developed by PHP + MySQL + Redis, multi-process, Computing was mixed with data storage.  Can handle high-concurrence request but still low performance.

  • 3rd Edition:  Request queue + full data cache, developed by PHP + MySQL + Redis, multi-process, Separation of computing and storage. high-concurrency & high performance.


    Centcount Analytics is dual-licensed under the Free License and Commercial License.