Hi! My name is WM Jonssen, I'm the author of CA (Centcount Analytics). Over the last 9 years, I spent lot of time to develop & improve CA to make it a truly great open-source web analytics software. While I really enjoy improving CA and its ecosystem, But unfortunately free support does not pay my bills & food. So if you need some customization of CA or a technical support, I'm available for the contract work. you can contact me via Email: [email protected]

About Centcount Analytics:
    In 2015, I was looking for an open source web analytics software which is allowed self-deployed. Finally, I found Piwik. It is perfect for my needs. But due to some reason i am not going to use it. So, I plan to design a new web analytics software by myself. At that time i do not have any web programing experience of PHP language. But i have 10 years programing experience of VB & C language. So it is not much difficult for me to turn to PHP language. About it's name "Centcount", At first, the project's name is "Centurion" which is inherited from an EA project (An automatic trading system run on MT5 platform). Due to 2015 SWISS FRANC BLACK SWAN event, It destroyed my forex broker (Alpari UK) & my account. At same time the EA project is fallen down too. And i don't want to resign myself to fate. So i made current project to bear this name. Unfortunately, the domain name centurion.com has been registered. I have no choice but to register current domain name centcount.com. Anyway the code name of this project is still "Centurion". The domain name "centcount" is from "make every cent count". Of course it does not mean money but data. Because i do not wanna miss any visitor's data. The original plan sets this project will be finished within 3 months. Seems I am too young too simple. For now it almost took 3 years. Also i rewrote this project 3 times. I know it is still not perfect. However, Done Is Better Than Perfect. And i will keep working on it to push Centcount Analytics more closer to perfect.

What is Centcount Analytics:
    Centcount Analytics is an open-source web analytics software. Developed by PHP + MySQL + Redis, Can be easily deployed on your own server, 100% data ownership. Data accuracy is the biggest feature of CA system. Centcount Analytics collects & analyzes visitor's data as many as possible, so as to provide a very accurate statistical data for the site administrator, and to dig potential value.

    Centcount Analytics is dual-licensed under the Free License and Commercial License.

WM Jonssen -- 01/31/2018